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þ  Dingtian "CHC" brand has been appraised by thousands of enterprises and professional users in the world and won brand loyalty and reputation in the  protective film markets.
þ  Dingtian, by regulating the complementary resources within and outside of the company, improves product lines, and continuously upgrades and develops the brand connotation and creates new products portfolio so as to meet the needs of factories and professional customers.
þ  Dingtian is committed to improving communication with customers to allow work to progress smoothly. Our customers have always been supporting Dingtian and have achieved the global promotion and success of Dingtian "CHC" Brand.

Dingtian Company has passed the ISO9001: 2016 Quality Management System Certification

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þ   The quality management system implemented by Dingtian ensures the consistency of roducts and services.
þ  Dingtian develops a whole set of detailed sustained improvement system and achieves a goal through effective communication within the organization.
þ  Dingtian ensures that all products are fully subject to testing and validation.
þ  Dingtian commits to research and develop products that meet customers' requirements and provides the customers with the best solution. 
All production facilities of Dingtian have passed systematic monitoring and strict control and Dingtian can deal with the defects in the production process in a timely manner, so as to ensure the product stability and sustainability.